from instagram to the internet

hi there!

my name is heather and i’m so happy to have you following in my journey.
i am a native new englander in my mid-twenties just trying to #adult monday through friday and find time in between to follow my passions: health, wellness, and fitness.

chances are if you’re reading this close to the time of posting, you’ve been following me on instagram  and saw that i’ve finally gotten organized enough to be online!
if you’ve found this page in a more organic fashion, then i do hope you’ll stay for a while.


in a world becoming overpopulated by health and wellness bloggers, it may seem strange that i’m going the extra mile to to get this up and running. well, once you know me a bit better, you’ll know that going the extra mile is a) always worth it and b) the way i tend to operate. while i have always been a bit of a storyteller, i’ve really enjoyed sharing some photos with the world during my first go at a whole30 and writing up captions about what i’ve made to eat, what workouts i’ve fit in, and in what ways i’m trying to better myself. combine that with a lifetime spent in athletics and an unwavering effort to keep my body and mind in balance, creating a blog felt like the most natural next step. and as any runner would know, you can’t make it that extra mile without taking one step at a time!

find time for what makes you happy
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