thoughts on running

running should not be that hard, at least not for me. i have spent my entire life running. playing every sport under the sun, making our neighborhood my stomping grounds, and then any type of figurative running from one place to another or away from whatever was in my head, i have always been running. and most of the time, i love it.

but sometimes i don’t.

sometimes running is a chore. there are miles to be checked off from a training plan. there is guilt from not having laced up the sneakers often enough, especially after an indulgent weekend or lazy week. there is the mindset that x number of minutes will make me feel better (which is often true but not always). there are days when i want to run but my brain is a hurricane or my quads are cinder blocks or my breathing just won’t even out and it all hurts. sometimes i don’t love running and that is perfectly okay.

on wednesday evening i was trying to choose what to do with myself to get some activity in and i decided to take a run. i had no route in mind which meant i would not be subjected to a certain mileage. “take it easy, let’s aim for a consistent pace to see how things work after this winter” is what i told myself. so, sneakers went on and hair went up and off we went.

it did not take long to notice that map my run seemed to have a glitch and showed my heart rate and elapsed time but no other figures. at first this was a bother but then i eased into the run and felt totally free. it been a rough day and though 24 minutes it not long, not impressive, not what i normally deem a “real run” by my own standards, it was the happiest i was all day. i ran and moved and breathed and didn’t know my pace or my distance or anything and i let myself fully enjoy this somewhat spontaneous run.

we never give our bodies enough credit to listen to them fully, but it might surprise you what it will do and how you’ll feel if you just give it a chance.

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