asics studio: three week review

whether or not you are deep into the fitness world, it is quite likely that you have heard of the brand asics. and whether or not you are deep into the fitness world when it comes to tech, you may or may not know that asics now has their own fitness app! introducing asics studio! it’s like having a personal trainer in  your pocket and it is totally the best thing since sliced bread.

asics studio app

i first downloaded this app because i was at home on a snow day and wanted to workout during my lunch break. feeling particularly uninspired by my apartment’s small gym, i took a quick scroll through my instagram feed to see if anyone had shared something that morning that might shift my mood. i happened to be following erin bailey  and realized that she was part of this cool new app that was at least worth a shot since there’s a free seven day trial. so now with the app on my phone and ready to go, i took a few minutes to pick a workout.

upon opening the app you’re greeted with a menu that offers a few types of workouts: strength training, treadmill, strength & cardio mix, outdoor running, indoor cycling, and elliptical. within each section there are dozens of workouts to pick from. i chose strength and saw two workouts that appealed to me. why not try out a 15 arms set followed by 15 minutes of core? i was ready to roll!

once inside of a workout you really see why this app is so easy to use and makes your workout a breeze. the trainer who is leading your workout (i obviously picked one coached by erin!) starts to talk to you like any instructor in a class setting would and there is music in the background. you can shut the music off if you’d like, but i have enjoyed all of the preset playlists so far. your trainer explains your workout and coaches you through the entire thing, move by move. there’s a timer on the screen that gives you a countdown of each move or set, depending on your workout type, and there is a smaller bar along the bottom of the screen with total time and is quite reminiscent of an iTunes time bar.

these workouts are H A R D but have been so great! over these three weeks of trying a few out, i’ve tried a handful of strength sessions and a few treadmill workouts as well. for me the strength is great since i always want to incorporate weights into my workouts but am a bit nervous about doing so properly. having someone in your ear tell you what to do, how long to do it, and what to do next has made me a bit more confident. as for the treadmill workouts, let’s just say i often refer to the machine as the dreadmill. being a runner makes staying inside and on a single hard surface extra dull, but these treadmill workouts have been tough and make me feel awesome when i’m through. in fact, i might even consider myself a bit of a convert – so long as somebody is instructing me on how to make it to the end of a run!

there are a few other features within asics studio that i think make it easy to use and appreciate. at the end of each workout, a small chart comes up that shows you what percentage of your workout worked each area of your body. so my arms strength set? that one was about 85% upper body and 15% core. the treadmill hills that i ran were 50% cardio and 50% lower body. it’s nothing special, but the small visual is a nice touch at the end of each workout.

since it is an app with options for personalization, i had to make a profile! the main piece of the profile that is used is selecting your fitness goals. want to use free weights and gain speed? awesome, pick those two from this list of ten or so possible goals! each time you open the app, there will be a workout of the day that you can select if you don’t have anything special in mind, or you can pick from a short list of workouts that the app has curated for you based on previous workouts and your goals. pretty nifty! but my app keeps reminding me that i need to cross train and i am a little nervous to try an elliptical workout… i’ll let you know when that one finally happens!

this app is also designed to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. have fifteen minutes to do something but don’t think that’s enough for a workout? wrong, you can totally get a hill run in and be on your way! looking to spend some more time really busting your butt? there’s some options that surpass forty minutes so that you can really get your sweat on. being able to mix and match short workouts or try two a day at different times makes this app even more functional than it already seemed.

lastly, and this might just be a personal thought since i have always lived within an hour of boston, but asics is a boston based company and all of the trainers they have in the app are popular among the boston area! it’s really cool that the same person my friends in the city take bootcamp classes with is kicking my butt up here in new hampshire, too! i find this to be a neat touch by asics and really gives me some hometown pride.

would i recommend asics studio to a friend? absolutely! it’s such an easy app to use and has so much to it that you can get in a good workout anytime and not get bored of the same routine after a few weeks. and once your free trial ends, it only costs $9.99 per month. you and i both know that if you bring your lunch to work one extra day a month that you’ve already covered the cost of this app. so what are you waiting for? go download asics studio now and let me know what your first workout is!


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