wellness & the working world

we cannot live our best life if we are always allowing unnecessary stress in. if your job is not a passion and is playing a major role in your stress levels (not due to workload but due to the environment, type of work, or existential crisis it may be aiding in) then perhaps it is time to make a change.

a hot topic in the wellness world is stress and its many roots, forms, and results. because the average person is spending 1/3 of their day working, stress on the job will surely carry over into other areas of life. while the effects of stress is a massive topic that can be tackled over time, let’s take a moment to focus on managing stress in one very specific work related activity: a job interview.

if you’re curious how i feel post-interview, you can look at this post!  cta

interviews are incredibly exciting but make way for an entirely new set of nerves to surface. this week i had the chance to stop by for an interview with a company that inspires, pushes, and celebrates its employees every day to be better than they were the day before. this is just the tip of the ice burg as to why they’ve been recognized for a number of year by inc. as one of the best places to work in the country!

emily blunt the devils wears prada i love my job

stuck between the stress of a current job and the nerves of a potential new one, here are the ways that i focused on my wellness in order to ensure that my most authentic self was the one who showed up for the interview.

  1. step up your skills

    while not everyone that is job searching is simultaneously trying to learn how to use wordpress, i am! this potential new job requires some skills not currently in my rotation (such as wordpress and inbound best practices) so i’m doing my best to learn them now. i love to learn hands on and in the moment, so i do my best to trace back what i can in my self care practice. this allows me to focus on my wellness above nearly all else. what better advice to offer than how to incorporate a few wellness tactics into your job interview prep than with a blog post?! though it’s been about 24 hours since i finished my interview, i am still pretty jazzed that i was invited in and certainly hope to be heading back soon.

  2. look good, feel good

    confidence is key, no matter what the task at hand is. if you are physically comfortable in your clothes you won’t be thinking about them during your meeting. if you wear something that you really like, such as your favorite color or the shoes that always catch compliments, you’re going to feel really positive about how you present yourself visually. and when you’ve picked out the perfect outfit to strike a balance between what makes you feel good and what matches the vibe of the company you’re meeting with, you’re going to feel like you already belong there.

  3. know your limits (with caffeine)

    most days start with some hot coffee and maybe a second cup as the work day picks up steam. i’ve been trying my best to drink more water each day, but with the current weather it’s preeeety tough to resist an iced coffee come 2pm. heading into downtown portsmouth for my interview i am well aware that there is no shortage of local spots to satisfy the coffee. but i know that if i have not had enough water i am prone to tremors and an increased heart rate, neither of which are great to bring along to a job interview. so instead of that pre-interview coffee, swap it out for an iced herbal tea on the drive into town and know that this definitely the time to obey your caffeine limits.

  4. walk it out

    portsmouth is quite charming no doubt, but it’s also a great spot to be a transplant in. after accepting my first internship at nhaa, i have become very familiar with dtp (as the kids say) and have a few routes that i never pass up on if i have some time to spare.  whether it’s a quiet stroll through prescott park and onto four tree island of a quick lap around market square, walking around this seaside town that has won my heart always puts a smile on my face and allows me to shed  a bit of whatever stress i might be holding.

  5. meditate

    for a little over a year, i have been telling anyone who is mildly interested in wellness that they ought to give meditation a shot. there’s a whole host of benefits to the exercise and what’s even better is that one session does not need to be very long of perfect by any means to have a lasting effect. i personally use – and LOVE – the headspace app. andy, the narrator, has the most soothing voice and you can select session of varying times and themes. what better way to set your mind in the right direction ahead of an interview than to sit, breath, and let it all go? then BAM you’re ready to head inside and show ’em what you got!

well, there you have it! stress is natural and cannot always be avoided, but if you have a plan to eliminate stress and bring some joy into your life then you better be finding the best way to chase after it. taking a step in the right direction could be stressful (in a totally different, more positive way) but there are small ways to help manage your stress, stay true to yourself, and feel good during the process.


fishing boats and a bridge in the spring
one of my favorite views of portsmouth harbour


if you’ve made it this far and played a role in my interview process, you should definitely

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