first hike of 2018

done. and. dusted.

zach, michaella, me, and mike at the summit

(i must admit i am a bit behind on blogging, so expect some shorter catch up posts over the next few days as i document some of my recent adventures and trials!)

two weekends ago my best friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend got up and at ’em just early enough to get in the car and head to the nearest mountain for our first hike of the year!

living in new hampshire, there are many many many mountains you can choose from without ever leaving the state. but due to some time constraints on when we needed to be home, we though that it made the most sense to pick a spot that is just one hour away and offers some of the best views around: mount major.

lots of visitors will hike this spot and while it seems much simpler when compared to the number of 4,000 footers that most ‘serious hikers’ might opt for, mount major is certainly no small feat!

on our way up we followed the blue mount major trail and then came back down along the boulder loop trail, or the orange trail if you are in the main parking lot.

each trail had some tricky spots and i was pretty excited to finally be testing out my new hiking boots! mount major is also known for getting crowded rather quickly but we did not run in to many people and had some quality time with nature.

hiking is one of my favorite ways to spend a saturday and is probably the best way to get outside, get some fresh air, and reset your mind after a busy and stressful couple of weeks. if you’re ever in the area, or willing to travel a bit for a short but satisfying hike, you really can’t go wrong with this oldie but goodie just beyond alton bay!

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