hi there, i’m heather! welcome to my little corner of the web.

hard as i try to find the solution to becoming #instafamous, i am far better off having the space to write out my thoughts, ideas and goals in a place that has no character limit. health, wellness and fitness have played a role in my life for as long as i can remember and now i get to share some of what i’ve learned, along with some of what i’m trying to learn, with the rest of you!

i hope to share my thoughts on workouts i complete, recipes i test out, adventures i take, thoughts on anything i read or listen to, ways that i cope with anxiety, and why taking care of your mind, body and soul are all equally important.

please  never hesitate to email me or comment – i love to connect to people and engage in discussion! there is always more to learn and someone new to share it with, so i hope you’ll share with me too.

some fun facts about me:
since learning how to read and write i have never fully stopped doing either
being outdoors is my happy place, whether by the ocean or on top of a mountain
running is my main source of therapy
while we don’t have much in common, i absolutely adore sloths
traveling is the first thing i would do if i won the lottery
meditating daily is the hardest habit i’ve tried to form but the most rewarding as well
resisting iced coffee or ice cream is reeeallly hard for me

i can’t wait for you to join me in becoming the best version of myself i can be:
a happy healthy heath